Intelligent Fax Processing

Reduce High Processing Costs

Learn how our solution can revolutionize the way faxed documents are triaged and processed.

Easily Extract Patient Information

Automated Intelligent Fax Processing

A Smarter Way to Process Inbound Faxes

Intelligent Fax Processing is a cutting-edge technology that uses advanced AI-powered OCR to swiftly automate inbound fax processing tasks including:


AI-Driven Document Type Identification


Extraction of Key Data Points


Pre-Processing for Preparation of OCR


Routing Documents Using Extracted Data

Think of Intelligent Fax Processing as more than just extraction – it’s a dynamic processing tool.

Once it classifies and extracts vital information, our solution seamlessly delivers the data to various platforms such as ERP, BPM, RPA, iPaaS, workflow tools, repositories, or line-of-business systems.

Extract Key Information in Seconds

Accelerated Fax Processing & Data Extraction

Our intelligent document processing can process inbound faxes and extract key data with minimal human intervention, saving your staff from spending time on menial tasks. From there, data is validated and delivered into your EHR or other line-of-business systems to help you use and access that valuable information.

Below, learn more about how our powerful technology can create more streamlined processes in your organization and offer improved productivity:

Inbound Document Image Processing
Multiple OCR engines, like Google Cloud Vision, analyze all text, including handwritten information on received faxes, for automatic analysis by our AI-powered processing engine.
AI-Driven Document Classification
The AI Classification Engine analyzes faxes to identify document types based on structure, keywords, and indicators. It can also split multiple documents within a single fax transmission for independent processing.
Human-in-the-Loop Validation & Review

To ensure the accurate association of incoming clinical documents with patient records, a person should review the data prior to final delivery to the EMR.

An intuitive interface allows staff to quickly review batches of documents and resolve any exceptions prior to releasing the batch for automated delivery.

Advanced Patient Data Extraction

The AI Engine identifies and extracts important patient information. This information will be validated later by a person and used to automatically deliver the document to the patient record in the EMR or Practice Management System.

Flexible Automated Delivery
Using industry standards, such as HL7 FHIR, the clinical document is delivered to the EMR system such as Epic, Allscripts, eClinicalWorks, and more.
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With the power of AI, intelligent fax processing simplifies the processing of business-critical information that flows into your organization every day.

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Enhance the Productivity of Your Team

Automate Key Inbound Processing Tasks

Inbound faxes require constant sorting and filing, a process that can be tedious and error-prone. With the power of AI, you can now optimize your inbound fax processing workflows by automatically extracting and classifying data from both typed and handwritten digital documents.

Hover over the images below to learn how we can save staff from endless hours of processing faxes, freeing them to work on higher-value tasks:

Save Time and Money

Intelligent fax processing can eliminate costly manual data errors, saving your organization time and money.

Plus, it cuts down on the required time to process inbound faxes, so your money will be better spent on employees doing more valuable work.

Data Privacy & Compliance

The speed, transparency and accuracy of intelligent fax processing make compliance much easier to maintain.
With less time spent on slow manual tasks, staff have more time for due diligence and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Enable Digital Transformation

Turning unstructured data into structured data is the first step to digitizing your document-centric business processes.
From there, you can seamlessly push the data into other systems such as ERP, ECM, RPA or any line of business solution to create end-to-end workflows.

Supports Scalability

As your business shifts and develops, intelligent fax processing will grow alongside you.
Our solution supports native integrations with leading third party accounting and business systems. The open platform also allows for custom integrations through a broad set of APIs.

Improve Productivity

Easily process business-critical data from a variety of documents using AI-powered tools.
This eliminates the time employees have to spend manually entering data, allowing them to focus on more meaningful tasks for improved productivity and efficiency.

No matter the industry, Intelligent Fax Processing can triage inbound faxes, capture data from all document types, and process them into usable data entries with the ability for users to review and validate any required data.

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What Our Customers Say

“The fact that the documents no longer need to be entered manually into the system means huge time savings for us…”

— Norbert Benzer, Business Process Manager at Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials

“...intelligent document capture and OCR platform enabled our goals to become a reality. They have been a great partner, especially the Professional Services team"

— Bruce Belvin, President of OneDataSource

“...has given us streamlined processes, decreased costs, provided intelligent content capture and happier customers."

— Large Insurance Company’s Enterprise Applications Administrator in IT Operations

"...its patented, machine learning capabilities was configured to learn the many different document types we have as well as populate fields, which make our lives easier.”"

— Charles Hooper, Systems Administrator at Washington State Health Care Authority

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